Amigos Library Services

Amigos Library Services is a not for profit membership based consortia consisting of over 500 libraries. For over 40 years, Amigos Library Services has helped member libraries deliver a higher level of service to their communities through innovation, collaboration, and partnerships. Benefits of Amigos membership include a comprehensive array of services such as negotiated discounts on electronic information resources, opportunities for continuing professional education, access to a rich array of topical online conferences, reliable courier services, and more. Amigos also offers Association Management Services to a growing number of library-related groups. This work encompasses providing financial management, event planning and membership management services.

Amigos Library Services is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors elected by representatives of member institutions at the annual Amigos Member Meeting. The Board, which meets quarterly, consists of nine librarians and three Independent Directors, each of whom is elected to three-year terms and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

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Pamila Carter
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